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We, at Jaydenbaby Products Limited, are a company that distributes high-quality maternal and infant products from all over the world. Our mission is to "Make Parents' Lives Easy" and to help parents find the best products for their children. In our fast-paced society, kids are always attending classes, activities, playdates, and visiting relatives. We hope that by introducing these products, parents can enjoy more time with their children. 


Our Products

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Hugpapa is the world's first micromanipulator that utilizes the BOA Closure System and is the first in the world to produce Dial-Fit technology that produces the optimal fit for both the user and the baby.


Now, with Dial-Fit applied, you can revolutionize the experience of hugging your baby and your family. Product Description with Dial Fit As well as Baby Carriers 3-in-1 Hip Seat Baby Carrier, 2 Way Baby Chair Booster the product will be available for babies to sit or stand on their own.

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A green and sustainable environment is a non-negotiable for our children. At Nature Love Mere, ensuring our products are safe and eco-friendly is of the utmost importance. Our mission is to introduce the best products while protecting our children and the planet, so that parents can use our products worry-free.

Baby Laundry Detergent

Baby Bottle Detergent

Baby Hand Wash

Baby Fabric Softener

Baby Wet Wipe

Baby Soap Bar

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Medilox is a US FDA approved sanitizer that can disinfect desks, seats, books, stationery, utensils, counters, and other surfaces. With its powerful disinfecting agents, it is widely used in the medical field. Namely in hospitals, surgical rooms, clinics, or even in schools and daycare centres. Medilox is odorless, non-toxic, and 80 times more effective than bleach. It is also safe to ingest and to spray on sensitive skin.

Our Customers


Cleanse and moiturize yourself and your baby from head to toe with Purebble's gentle and natural products.


Purebble's line of high quality hand soaps, shampoos, body washes, and lotions is designed to clean, soothe, and nourish you or your baby's skin and hair while avoiding harsh and harmful chemicals. Purebble uses the best ingredients for optimal cleanliness, health, and safety.               


Purebble products are lab tested and are EWG All Green Approved (Environment Working Group).                                                                 

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GGUMBI is a premium baby care brand providing bumper bed, babyroom, playmat, baby cot, etc... 
All of the products are designed and produced by ourselves. As a global company, we export our products to 19 different countries, including US., China, Japan, Indonesia, Russia, Hong Kong...


Everybody Loves Our Products!


I have bought a 4-Liter bottle of Medilox-S and put it in two small bottles for use. One kept at home and one placed in the office. It does not have any bad smell and good for spraying on my work station and documents received. I also spray it on my shoes when I arrive at home. Although it is quite expensive I believe a 4-liter bottle of Medilox can be used for two or three months.

Yee Wa N.


I bought it for my baby but these days, I've been using it too. It has less irritation to baby skin and sensitive skin.

Michelle So


I love this Product. I have been using it for more than a year or two. I use it to clean all cutleries and tables when eating out on food booths, and of course hands. Especially with the Covid19 being around us, I spray on the seat on of the bus, my shoes, clothes, and bag before entering the home. Thanks, Medilox

Kinney Y.


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